Esk'etemc has hosted the AA Round Up for the past 30 years and will host its 39th Annual AA Round Up on July 10-12, 2015 and its 39th Annual New Years Day AA Round Up in January 2015.  Every year people from all over Canada and the United States and around the world attend the AA Round Up from places like China, Germany, and Australia.  In 2010, we celebrated the 25th Anniversary of the making of "The Honor of All" with a viewing of the movie.  More information regarding "The Honor of All" movie can be found at the Products/Services page.

The arbor area consists of a camping area, kitchen, picnic areas, showers and washrooms, and sweat lodge area.  You can enjoy a meeting or attend one our our morning sweat lodges and dance at our outdoor dance to the music of "The Nitehawks".  We recommend that you bring your camping gear to enjoy the entire weekend, we have great speakers every year.

July 10 - 12, 2015

Friday, July 10, 2015 Sunday, July 12, 2015
5PM Registration 7AM Sweatlodge
7PM Welcome Meeting 8AM Breakfast
8:45PM Memorial Balloons 9AM Surprise Guest Speaker
9PM Outdoor Dance 10AM Closing Meeting
11PM Niteowl Meeting 12PM Lunch
    1PM Committee Meeting
Saturday, July 11, 2015    
7AM Sweatlodge    
8AM Breakfast and Registration    
10AM Call Up Meeting    
11AM ALYPPA Meeting    
12PM Potluck Lunch - bring a dish to share    
1PM AA & Alanon Call Up Meeting    
2:30PM Break    
4PM Sobriety Birthday Meeting    
5:30PM Set up for Dinner    
6PM Dinner    
7PM Guest Speakers-P.K.K. John G. & Hank J.    
8:30PM Indian Bingo
9PM                 Outdoor Dance
11PM Niteowl Meeting    

Registration: Family(4)     $50.00         Single     $25.00       

Group rate are negotiable - see Ken Johnson.  Bring your camping equipment, water bottles, coffee mug and chairs. 

No vendors unless approved by the Round Up Committee.

For more information regarding the AA Round Up, please contact Ken Johnson at 250.440.5651 (w)or 250.440.5768 (h) or Fred Johnson evenings at 250.440.5889.


Directions to Esk'etemc Pow Wow Arbour: Follow Hwy 20-West until you reach the Dog Creek Road turn off (2.5km or 2 minutes up highway) follow Dog Creek Road for 45 minutes (half pavement/half gravel) until you arrive at the sign (picture left) .  Turn left at this sign and follow Abour signs for 5km and you will arrive at arbor.