Mission Statement:

"To provide a holistic community based health program to foster the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical well-being of the Esk'etemc".


Rosalie I. Johnson Joyce Johnson, Health Director

Joyce Johnson is a member of the Esk'etemc band and has been the Health Director since January 2015 and is responsible for the overall management of health-related and medical based issues and for the development, implementation and supervision of all programs and procedures within the Health Department.  All programs related to the Health Department are listed below along with the parties responsible for the program.

Rosalie I. Johnson Alcohol and Drug Counselor
Raeal Johnson Date Entry/Patient Travel Clerk
Ken Johnson Alcohol and Drug Counselor
Dorothy Johnson COHI/Water Treatment Worker
Lisa Dyck Community Health Nurse
Doreen Johnson Home Care Worker
Murial J. Robbins Custodian

Esk’et Patient Transportation Program:  

Please be advised that all Out of Town Patient Travel claims will be processed once the written confirmation is brought in to the Patient Travel (PT) Clerk and must be signed by the client in order for travel request to be approved.  

NOTE it is the Clients responsibility to bring in written confirmation to PT Clerk or fax to 250-440-5691. 

Patient Travel is for Status Indians living on-reserve.   Clients (19 and over) must have a signed Doctor’s note stating that you have an appointment, the date of the appointment and if you require Escort, as escorts are only approved if there is a doctor’s request.  

All Patient Travel forms need a Doctor’s signature; this is proof that you have attended the appointment; (For example: Kamloops appointments  if your appointment is between 1pm-3pm it would be considered a day trip and rooms will not be provided).  

If you require further information, please see Raeal Johnson or Irene Johnson, Health Director, or call 250-440-5651. 

NOTE: we are ensuring that all information required on forms are provided for Audit Reasons.   Thank you kindly for your assistance in helping us to remain within the policy of our PT Program.

Community Health Nurse  is responsible for providing a public health program to Esk'etemc members.  This includes, but is not limited to: counseling parents in pre and post-natal periods, administering immunizations, conducting health conferences for infants and pre-school children, and the controlling of communicable diseases through health teaching.

If you require information regarding Community Health, please contact Lisa Dyck at 250-440-5651.

Home Care Nurse  Lisa Dyck is a registered degree nurse; she is responsible for providing community-based home care nursing services such as acute care nursing, client assessments, case planning and case conferencing.  She receives nursing supervision from the First Nations and Inuit Home and Community Care Program, First Nations and Inuit Health Branch and Health Canada.

Home and Community Care    The Home and Community Care Program is responsible for providing housekeeping and home management services in accordance with Health and Safety Standards, personal care services, client support to social activities, and assists in client appointments with health services.   The following staff involved in the program are: Lisa Dyck, Mercie J. Paul, and Rosie Dick.

If you require information about First Nation Home Community Care programs click the following link: First Nations and Inuit Home and Community Care Program or Esk'etemc's Home and Community Care Program, please contact Lisa Dyck at 250-440-5651 extension 247.

Children's Oral Health Initiative (COHI) Program  The COHI program was developed as a means to address the disparity between the oral health of First Nations and Inuit and that of the general Canadian population. COHI was launched on a test basis in 2004. COHI focuses on the prevention of dental disease and promotion of good oral health practices. The goal of COHI is to shift the emphasis from a primarily treatment based approach to a more balanced prevention and treatment focus. The initial focus for oral health promotion will be directed at three target groups: pregnant women and primary caregivers; pre-school children, 0-4 years of age; and school children, 5-7 years of age. Dorothy Johnson a member of the Esketemc initiates this program under Esk'etemc Health and visits the Sxoxomic School in order to teach the children about oral health. 

If you require more information about the COHI program visit the following link COHI Program of Esk'etemc's COHI program please contact Dorothy Johnson at 250-440-5651.

Water Treatment  Health Canada works together with First Nations communities and provides funding to Chief and Councils for drinking water monitoring through its Community-Based Water Monitor program. A key benefit of the program is that it enables First Nations communities to sample and test their drinking water for microbiological contamination where it is difficult or impossible to do so on a regular basis and (or) to get the samples to a laboratory in a timely manner. Health Canada trains Community-Based Drinking Water Quality Monitors to sample and test the drinking water for potential bacteriological contamination as a final check on the overall safety of the drinking water at tap.   Dorothy Johnson a member of the Esk'etemc band has been working along with Patty Joyce of Health Canada to regularly take water samples of Esk'etemc's water quality on-reserve and send the samples to a laboratory for bacterial contamination. 

If you require more information about the Water Treatment program visit the following link Drinking Water Quality or Esk'etemc's Water Treatment program, please contact Dorothy Johnson at 250-440-5651.

Drug and Alcohol Counselor and Referral    Rosalie I. Johnson and Ken Johnson are members of the Esk'etemc band and are responsible for the community alcohol, drug, and other chemical use/abuse counselling, referrals, education, and awareness programs for the Health Department.  The Program receives some funds by Health Canada under the National Native Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program (NNADAP).  Also, the following link provides  a summary of basic information on all in-patient treatment centres funded by the NNADAP Treatment Centre Directory

If you require information regarding the National Native Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program visit the following link NNADAP or Esk'etemc's Drug and Alcohol Program, please contact Rosalie I. Johnson or Ken Johnson at 250-440-5651.

Data Entry Clerk and Patient Travel     Raeal Johnson is a member of the Esk'etemc band and joined the department in 2007as receptionist and was promoted to this position in April 2012 and is responsible for maintaining and preparing all patient travel documents and travel arrangements.  Raeal follows specific guidelines under Health Canada-Non-Insure Health Benefits programs which provides eligible Esk'etemc with a specified range of medically necessary health-related goods and services when they are not covered through private insurance plans or provincial/territorial health and social programs. Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) include prescription drugs, over-the-counter medication, medical supplies and equipment, short-term crisis counselling, dental care, vision care, and medical transportation.

If you require information regarding NIHB please visit the following link Benefits Information - Non-Insured Health Benefits - First Nations, Inuit and Aboriginal Health or Esk'etemc's Patient Travel Program, please contact Raeal Johnson at 250-440-5651 extension 235.

Reception/Executive Assistant    Sheryl Johnson is a member for the Esk'etemc band and has been the Receptionist since 2012 and is responsible for the secretarial support services of all general clerical, office administration and reception duties for all programs in the Health Department, she also is assistant to the Health Director.

If you require information regarding the Health Department, please contact Sheryl Johnson at 250-440-5651, toll-free: 1.855.440.5651or email raealj@esketemchealth.ca