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In 1994, Esketemc signed on to begin negotiations and since 1998 Esk'etemc has been negotiating an Agreement-In-Principle (AIP).  The AIP stage is the fourth stage of the six-stage BC treaty process.  The AIP stage is also where substantive treaty negotiations occur.  The three parties (Esk'etemc, Canada, and BC) examine in detail the elements outlined in the Esk'etemc Framework Agreement.  A treaty would set out the Parties' respective right and obligations, and may cover topics such as: ownership and use of land and resources; the law-making authorities of an Esk'etemc government; relationship of federal, provincial regulatory processes; processes for amending the treaty; dispute resolution, a financial component, fiscal relations and implementation of the treaty.

The parties have made the following chapters available to the public.

1.  Culture and Heritage Chapter October 5, 2006
2. Dispute Resolution Chapter October 5, 2006
3. Approval Chapter October 5, 2006
4. Local Government Relations Chapter March 31, 2010
5. Eligibility and Enrolment Chapter March 31, 2010
6. Species at Risk Chapter March 31, 2010
7. Wildlife Chapter March 31, 2010
8. Transition Chapter March 31, 2010
9. Ratification Chapter March 31, 2010
10. Migratory Birds Chapter March 31, 2010

The above chapters can be found on the BC Treaty Commission website at the following link:

Irvine Johnson, Chief NegotiatorVACANT, Chief Negotiator

The Chief Negotiator is responsible for the conduct of the negotiations, directing and coordinating the work of both the Land Settlement support services attending all Main Table negotiations and Side Table meetings.  They are also responsible for the Treaty Negotiations and the interface between Council, Canada, and BC. 

Irvine Johnson, Chief NegotiatorDoreen M. Johnson, Governance Advisor

Doreen M. Johnson, BSW is a member of the Esk'etemc band and began as the Governance Advisor in September 2014 and is responsible for the overall management of the Land Settlement office.  Doreen is guided by the Esk'etemc's and Land Settlement's Vision, Mission, and objectives and strategic plans in the development of governance framework model post treaty. 

Freda Johnson, Land Settlement Administrator

Freda Johnson is a member of the Esk'etemc band and began as an Executive Assistant in May 2000 and promoted to Land Settlement Administrator in 2005 and is responsible for planning, leading, organizing and controlling the administration of the Land Settlement office. She oversees the workplan, prepares and administers the budgets and reports for the BC Treaty Commission, federal and provincial government agencies. 

Frederick Johnson, Research DirectorFrederick Johnson, Research Director

Frederick Johnson is a member of the Esk'etemc band and began as the Research Assistant in 2000 and promoted to Research Director in 2005 and is responsible for the direction in preparation of the Esk'etemc Treaty Negotiations Research as well as the Specific Claims research, recording of oral testimony and any other research and oral testimony that may be required by the community.

  Neil Paul, GIS Operator

Neil Paul is a member of the Esk'etemc band and began as the GIS Operator in October 2011 and is responsible for responding to a variety of data preparation, mapping requests, along with creating and managing detailed databases and maintaining various map, tabular and database layers.  Neil creates, maintains and documents spatial and attribute data utilized in GIS applications, collect GIS data, and works collaboratively to provide interdepartmental GIS services. such as data research, on-screen digitizing, data entry and manipulation, and map production.

Lynn Chelsea, Executive AssistantLynn Chelsea, Executive Assistant

Lynn Chelsea is a member of the Esk'etemc band and has been the Receptionist since July 2007 and recently promoted to Executive Assistant in 2010.  She provides secretarial and administrative support services to a small multi-disciplined team of specialists engaged in preparation for treaty negotiations.  She provides secretarial, technical and professional support to the Esk'etemc Negotiating Team.

If you require information regarding the Land Settlement department, Esketemc Family Trees or Mapping, please contact Lynn Chelsea at 250-440-5631 extension 220 or email             

Mabel Paul         Custodian                Owen Chelsea         TUS Coordinator             Kevin Chelsea         TUS Coordinator

Stacey Johnson, Land and Resource Technical Director/LibrarianStacey Johnson, Land and Resources Technical Director / Librarian / Website Developer

Stacey Johnson is a member of the Esk'etemc band and began as Esk'etemc’s Librarian in 2005 and promoted to Land and Resources Technical Director in April 2006 and is responsible for developing, maintaining and overseeing the Esk'etemc Library and as the Land and Resources Technical Director she is responsible for developing and maintaining all incoming/outgoing referrals and entering into the Referrals Tracking System (RTS) database and is responsible for the overall management of the Referrals department and the overall conduct between the Ministries, Proponents, and Esk'etemc.  

If you require information regarding Referrals, please contact Stacey Johnson at 250-440-5631 extension 224 or email