VACANT, Economic Development/Employment Coordinator

The Economic Development Coordinator is responsible for the delivery of the economic development program by assisting with development, approval and monitoring of small business and venture developments within the Esk'etemc.  The coordinator assists in the development of proposals for CCATEC programs and courses and other proponents.

If you require information regarding Economic Development/Employment, please call 250-440-5611 extension 211.

Doreen M. Johnson , Fisheries Manager

Doreen M. Johnson is responsible for the planning, leading, organizing, and controlling the administration of the Fisheries Department office.  They oversee the workplan, budget, reports for the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, federals and provincial governments.  They also, supervise field projects such as fishing sites, catch monitoring, and enforcement concerns related to Esk'etemc fishery. 

If you require information on the Department of Fisheries and Oceans and Fraser Basin Council, please visit the following links Fisheries and Oceans Canada and Fraser Basin Council or contact Doreen M. Johnson at 250.440.5631.