Reni ChelseaMercie J. Paul, Manager

Mercie J. Paul is a member of the Esk'etemc band and has been working as the Alkali Enterprises Manager since December 2014 and is responsible for management of the store, gas station, and multiplex as a profitable enterprise. 

Wesley Michel        Store Clerk                Vince Chelsea     Store Clerk

Maria Paul               Store Clerk/Custodian                

Store Hours

Monday - Thursday   7:00am - 6:00pm    Friday     7:00am - 4:00pm     Saturday-Sunday 9:00am - 4:00pm

If you require more information about Alkali Enterprises, please call 250.440.5676.

Please note, that Esk'etemc no longer has a motel for reservation.


Alkali Resource Management Ltd. (ARM) was established in 2001 to provide quality programs and services for Esk'etemc; and is also committed to ensure employment opportunities for Esk'etemc. ARM is wholly owned by Esk'etemc  (formerly Alkali Lake Indian Band).

ARM manages the forest tenures for Esk'etemc, hires contractors to conduct operations, and is involved in natural resource activities ranging from tree planting to stream enhancement and other related projects. Approximately 2000 hectares of Esk'etemc reserve land is tied to a small provincial woodlot and Community Forest, which provides some logging and silviculture activities for the members.

ARM also operates the Esk'etemc Non-Replaceable Forest Licences. Esk'etemc provides most of the workforce needed to undertake any work in the natural resource sector. There are over 30 members with a variety of training and experience, such as falling, skidding, trucking, road building, and silviculture work such as planting and spacing.

Gord Chipman, ARM Manager

Gord Chipman is from the Williams Lake area and has worked for ARM since 2009 and is responsible for the overall management of ARM this includes, developing and maintaining strategic plans, safety standards, effective working relationships with Ministry of Forests and Range and proponents, negotiation of contracts and monitoring contractors, and management of Esk'etemc's Community Forest, Non-Replaceable Forest Lisenses, and Woodlot.  Gord is also the Manager for Ecolink.

Joy Johnson, Office Administrator

Joy Johnson is a member of the Esk'etemc band and has worked as the Office Administrator since 2010 and is responsible for the office administration, maintaining the safety program and bookkeeping the day-to-day financial information for ARM and Ecolink.  She maintains effective communication with the employees and contractors and liaises with Ministries and proponents.  Joy is also the Office Administrator for Ecolink. 

Francis Johnson, Jr., Forester, RPF

Francis Johnson, Jr. is a member of the Esk'etemc band and has worked for ARM since summer of 2010 and is responsible for the block layouts of Esk'etemc's cutting permits and the Referral reports to other proponents and bands. 

ARM Board of Directors 

Arthur Dick, President                              Madeline Chelsea, Treasurer          William Chelsea     
Mike Gatenby                                             BIll Rand, Secretary                                                                                                               

If you require information regarding Alkali Resource Management (ARM), please contact Gord Chipman or Joy Johnson at 250-440-5870 or email or visit ARMs facebook page at the following link ARM Facebook page.

Ecolink Forest Services Limited was established in 1990 as a joint venture business arrangement between Esk'etemc and Lignum Limited, and later with Riverside and Tolko Industries Limited of Williams Lake.  The company began with a silviculture division.  In 1994, Ecolink added logging to harvest timber and continues to seek innovative ways to grow to meet community and customer needs.

Gord Chipman, Ecolink Manager 

Gord Chipman is from the Williams Lake area and is serving as Manager of Ecolink and is responsible for the overall management of Ecolink's financial management and operations.

Ecolink Board of Directors

Patricia Chelsea, President                                     Don Niquidet                     Kevin Sytsma
Don Banks Secretary/Treasurer                              Marilyn Belleau               

If you require information regarding Ecolink Forest Services Limited, please contact Joy Johnson at 250-440-5686.